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Classifications of land like Jalasaya, Jalapata, Chhota Jungle, Patra Jungle,Gramya Jungle etc., can be registered but not converted to homestead land or Gharabari..
  • Deed can be registered at the Sub-registrar office in Odisha only by E-registration.
Document map or sketch map which is prepared by amin is a legal document and part of deed.
5% Stamp duty and 2% registration fees of consideration money benchmark valuation is required for registration of landed property in Odisha.
Part chaka or part chaka plot can be registered only on municipal area or vision plan approval area.
Saledeed once registred can't be canceled by the vendor only. It may be cancelled by both the parties with their presence at sub registrar office.
Original R.O.R, Voter Id,PAN Card(if necessary) must be required at the time of registration.
The Landed Property belongs to Endowment, Wakf Board, Jagannath Mahaprabhu Govt. of Odisha, Bhudan Land, Gramdan Land, Govt. Land and any religious property can't registered without any permission obtained from concerned authority.
Joint property cannot be transferred or sold without the presence and consent of all Co-shares.
Legal heirs of any deceased person may be transferred his/their property only after produce legal heir certificate in the court of sub-register instead of recorded owner who is dead.
Part jalasaya cannít be registered but one share of jalasaya can be transferred with the consent of other co-shares.
------------------------------------------ Deed Can be prepare through stamp-paper,franking & e-stamping.
------------------------------------------ Daughter of a deceased person can get one share of the property if the Person died after 9th Sept 2005.
------------------------------------------ Third Party can get the certificate copy of power of attorney.

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